Below are some reviews, testimonials and thank you’s I have received. Either from Single sessions, Double Domme sessions or Parties I have attended.

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“Mere words cannot possibly describe Miss Hayley Bond.

If you read Miss Hayley’s reviews, you will find plenty of references to her “mesmerising beauty”, her “playful, innocent and mischievous smile”, and how she will “captivate you and bring her under your spell”.  All of this is true of course, and I have to be honest and say that “she had me at hello”.  But to stop there would simply not do justice to this incredible young domme, because she is also highly intelligent, eloquent, creative , instinctive…  Quite simply she is unlike any other I have had the pleasure to meet before, or probably will do again.

Miss Hayley is clearly highly talented, and appears to genuinely enjoy what she does.  But what really stands out for me is the way in which she seems keen to genuinely understand the needs and desires of her subjects.  Unlike many pro-dommes I think you see the real her, and that makes her so easy to talk to.  She will soon have your whole life story out of you if you are not on your guard, and this makes her able to relax the most nervous (or stressed) of visitors; I have watched her be just the same with others too.  This also makes it easy for her to tease out of you all of your darkest secrets and desires.

But don’t be fooled by all of this, she can be harsh too (if that’s what she senses you need), cutting you down with just a few words, and won’t be afraid to impose on you those deepest desires that she will just have teased out of your mouth .

I have now had the privilege of meeting Miss Hayley on four occasions, in a mixture of Domina Parties events and in private session.  I needn’t cover the activities she does, or the skill with which she undertakes them; suffice it to say that every visit stands out.  She knows how to take you a little further all the time, but always to leaving you wanting more…

So, a word of warning on your journey traveler.  It won’t really matter how strong willed you think you are, or how much you think you will remain in control or be able to resist; once you have met Hayley Bond you will hand over that control, and soon find yourself begging to be back in her presence again.  I might say you should turn back while you still can… but then if you carry on, I guarantee you won’t regret it…

With thanks to you as ever Miss Bond.”

Elmo – Oct 2017


“Goddess Cleo greeted me in a stern mood before I was taken to a room where Mistress Aleta and Miss Haley supervised my undressing before selecting a slightly undersized straight jacket and securing me in it. My sight of the Mistresses and of Mistress Aleera’s skin-tight latex trousers was then taken away by a hood before when I was taken to a cell to contemplate my position. It took some time in the dim light to make out through the hood the size of the cell and then the only noises I heard were those of other prisoners being taken out of their cells.

I was later moved to a curtained off area and hog tied by Goddess Cleo on a small bench/bad. While here I could hear other prisoners receiving “attention” and the Mistresses clearly enjoying their suffering. I then had a beat down from Mistress Aleera and Goddess Cleo and was ushered into a cage. My leg was bruised and sore for several days, a reminder that Goddess Cleo kneed me harder than Mistress Aleera! I finally suffered some one on one CBT from Miss Hayley. This (belated) testimonial was a condition of my parole.

The time flew by and as the other testimonials say, the Mistresses work hard to ensure your stay is worthy of your perversion.

Slave D.” The Facility, April 2017


“The anticipation started days before, the whole idea of a full day at The Facility at the mercy of 3 beautiful sadistic doms, was incredible. I received the address and start time the evening before which was a restless one, with nervous thoughts of what was to come the next day.

Up early to catch the train from Leeds, I arrived 5 minutes before the allocated start time at The Facility, and nervously rang the buzzer. I entered heart pounding, walked down the stairs and was greeted by the beautiful Miss Hayley Bond. ‘Nervous’ she asked, yes was my reply, ‘good you should be’ was her reply.

I was taken to a room and ordered to strip, with all three beautiful doms watching. I was placed into a straight jacket naked from the waist down. I was told to remember my prisoner number, hooded and marched off to cell number 3.

I waited in the cell whilst other prisoners arrived and were placed in their cells. Each time the guards approached, keys rattling, my heart rate jumped, worried I was about to be taken and beaten. After what seemed like an hour, i was ordered to stand, the cell was opened and I was roughly grabbed and taken to another room by Miss Hayley Bond and Miss Aleera. I was pushed against a wall, held tight and a relentless beating of my cock and balls started. My heart was pounding and breath was taken by kicks to my balls. I was then asked for my prisoner number and returned to my cell.

I waited for what seemed like hours, listening to more prisoners arriving, and being locked up and tortured. After what seemed like hours Miss Hayley Bond and Miss Aleera arrived, torch shone into my eyes and hooded, they demanded I stood up, took me to a room, where I was subject to tough ballbusting and cbt punishment.

I was then locked in a cage with a glass roof, and was kindly fed a sandwich and drink through the bars by the stunning Goddess Cleo. I was then moved to a settee bed handcuffed to the wall, hooded and curtain pulled so as not to see anything whilst a prisoner was marched in and caned heavily.

I was then moved to a cell near my first cell, and left. I could hear other prisoners being beaten and tortured. Eventually I was taken by all three beautiful mistresses to a room for punishment.

I was then subject to a harsh CBT and Ballbusting punishment from all three gorgeous mistresses.

I was then returned to my clothes, and let out on parole to the busy high street.

If you have ever thought of restraint and punishment then you must try the Facility with its 3 demanding and beautiful dominant guards.

Michael – April 2017



“I was nervous waiting to for my time at the facility/extended bondage event. I’d decided that in my pointless job no-one would notice if I nicked off for the afternoon, so that’s what I did. I wanted to try something a little outside my comfort zone. When I got inside I was told to strip and put into a strait jacket. This was great as I was a bit chilly and the strait jacket was rather warm. I was then hooded and locked in a dark cell for a while with my thoughts. I was checked on occasionally by a mistress to see how I was doing. Eventually I needed the loo so asked to go and was returned to the cell in handcuffs. Shortly after I was moved into another room and the three mistresses set to work on me with some hefty kicks to the legs. I was then told to kneel and lick Miss Haley’s strap-on. I set to work on this and after a short while I had it right down my throat. I was gagging somewhat but keen to push myself to take as much as I could. I’ve a clear memory of Miss Haley thrusting away and giggling! I was then asked to bend over a bench and subjected to some CP. I’d never done this before and really enjoyed it. It was unfortunate that I could only take light marks. The initial pain was followed by a warm feeling which was very enjoyable. I was then led into another space where I could hear the mistresses working on the next two prisoners. I was losing the feeling in my hands as they were cuffed wide apart above my body. It entertaining listening to the mistresses doing their thing. I was then moved back to a cell for a short while before some goodbye CP which included a bit of caning and some trampling and penis slapping. I had to rush off and play football. After about 20 minutes I was a bit spent and my legs started to ache where they had been kicked by the mistresses. I had a yoga class the next day and when I walked in, I was a tad confused and almost took my clothes off. I could feel the pain with every stretch of my thighs and spent all the meditation thinking of my kinky secret. It was a great taster and I’m craving more! Thank you to all three mistresses!”

B, The Facility – April 2017



“Facility review from a repeat offender.

I was lucky enough to have attended the first ever Facility event last year, and to be the first to occupy one of the then brand-new cages. So when returning for a 3rd sentence (still guilty of being a pervert!) I was slightly concerned about whether knowing the premises, procedure and 2 of the Wardens would make the experience perhaps a bit too safe and comfortable. But after I’d been immediately bound very tightly in a straitjacket, and shortly after arrival heard the inmate of a nearby cell get what sounded suspiciously like a thorough ball-busting (though with only sound as a guide you can’t be completely sure what’s happening) as a punishment for falling asleep in his cell, I thankfully realised that being too comfortable shouldn’t be one of my concerns!

One of the pleasures of these events is getting to meet some fabulous new Dommes. Goddess Cleo seems to have very good taste in selecting her fellow Wardens, and this time it was Mistress Aleera who I was fortunate to meet for the first time. Stunning and strict, I got to watch her going through my list of limits and activities, very pleased that it allowed her plenty of options for what she could do to me….and then I had the unexpected thrill of being repeatedly punched on the thighs and calves by herself and Miss Hayley Bond before being thrown down on the ground. Bliss!

The highlight was probably the session before earning my latest parole. Being surrounded by 3 gorgeous black-clad Mistresses while Goddess Cleo handed out the canes for them all to take turns in beating me was a definite thrill.The submissive headspace I was in by then, combined with the expert caning, soon had me flying with endorphins such that I could happily have been beaten all afternoon. Sadly, parole was approaching, but before then I had the honour of lying at Goddess Cleo’s feet licking her boot while she and Miss Hayley browsed the internet looking for new shackles and prison equipment for future inmates. The Facility has come on since it started, and it looks like more could be on its way. I’ll need to return!

David/Prisoner 040404 – February 2017


“I attended todays Beautifully Destroyed and 5 hours after the end of the party I am still buzzing and am on a (natural) high!. Goddess Cleo along with Ms Hayley Bond and Governess Painless were strict when needed to be but also with a glint of cheeky humour. There was lots of nipple torture (very nice he he), bondage and foot worship / being spat at. Last but by no means least I had the honour of receiving 3 ‘Assgasms‘ from the beautiful Goddess Cleo :-). Dont hesitate about booking just do it you will be in the company of serving beautiful ladies who are handing out lovely sadistic punishments !

Slave Ian – March 2017


Having read previous testimonials for The Facility, I felt this was a great opportunity to experience long term incarceration. I arrived in the morning and was met by the wardens at the bottom of the stairs. I was ordered to strip and kneel before I was put in a straitjacket, hooded and led to a cell. Over the next hour (ish), I heard other prisoners arriving and being incarcerated. The wardens would pass through regularly to rattle the keys and run their truncheons along the bars of the cells to a great intimidating effect.

After some time (I’d lost track of time completely by this point) Miss Hayley Bond entered the cell and removed my hood before a drink of water and a brief face slapping. Shortly after that I was transferred to a cage. From there I could hear the wardens abusing a prisoner with their strap-ons a few moments later, Goddess Cleo removed my hood and allowed me to suck her strap-on.
Throughout the rest of the day I was moved to different cells and abused by the wardens, the highlight of which was Mistress Aleera inflicting CBT with her boot whilst also torturing my nipples which left me in a rather dizzying state. All of the time I could hear other prisoners being dealt with which added to the feeling of fear and anticipation.
Nearing the end of my incarceration I was taken to a room where Goddess Cleo, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond treated me to boot worship, some humiliation and spanking. Exhausted after spending the full day at the warden’s pleasure I was allowed to reflect on my sentence in a straitjacket back in a cell before being released.
I would like to thank Goddess Cleo, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond for a fantastic time. I cannot recommend this event enough to anyone who has read previous testimonials and finds themselves curious to experience a long term imprisonment.
Joe (Prisoner 070301)” The Facility, London – February 2017



“I arrived at the Facility slightly late. Although I had texted ahead to apologise, I was apprehensive as I rang the bell. I was buzzed in and made my way downstairs where I was met by the wonderfully stern Goddess Cleo who reminded me that I was late. I apologised again and Goddess Cleo prodded me with a truncheon down a darkly lit corridor and into a large room. There I was met by Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond. Mistress Aleera was dressed in a catsuit and heavy boots and Miss Hayley Bond in a shortish black skirt, opaque tights and high heels. Both looked stunning.

Goddess Cleo came into the room behind me and ordered me to strip and put my clothes on a bench. I started to undress and was immediately chastised for being too slow. I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and, as instructed, stood with my hands on my head. I was given my prisoner number (070313) and told to memorise it. It was also written on my left thigh although, as I was to spend the entire time wearing a hood, it was clear I was going to have to comply with the command to remember it.

I was put into a straight-jacket and hooded. I was then led to my first cell by Miss Hayley Bond. Although I was hooded, the material was not so thick that I could not see shapes and I couldn’t help but notice Miss Hayley Bond’s stunning legs as I followed her down the corridor. Once we reach the cell, I was ordered to sit on a sofa and then left, the barred cell door being locked behind me and a curtain pulled across to block any vision I might have had of what lay behind.

There I was to stay for what seemed like hours. Throughout I was conscious of other prisoners in adjoining cells and I could hear some being taken away and punished. Each impact was audible in the distance and made me feel apprehensive about what was to come.

Subsequently, Miss Hayley Bond unlocked my cell door and asked me for my prisoner number. I was then taken to a second cell and ordered to face the wall. I was then spanked, with the blows becoming harder and harder. It was delicious to know that such a beautiful mistress was punishing me and so that it was a pleasure even though it hurt.

I was then locked away and made to sit on a small wooden chair. Opposite me was what appeared (through my hood) to be a small sofa and for the next hour I couldn’t quite get out of my mind a hope that Mistress would return, sit on the sofa and make me kneel before her and worship her heels. Even though I knew it wouldn’t happen, it was hard to put out of my mind given that I was on my own in the dark with only the yelps of other prisoners to keep me company. The experience of being locked in solitary confinement develops a deep feeling of submissiveness and every time you hear someone in the distance, you hope it is a mistress coming to collect you. Those hopes are almost invariably dashed.

At one stage, as I heard another prisoner being punished, Goddess Cleo suddenly pulled back the curtain to my cell and asked me if I could hear what “they were doing”. When I confirmed that I could, she told me that I was next with a mischievous laugh. A short time later, Goddess Cleo duly collected me and led me into a room containing a cage, a whipping bench and, most importantly, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond. My hood was removed and I could see all three beautiful mistresses. Whilst Goddess Cleo decided on what punishment I was to receive, I confessed to Mistress Aleera my foot worship fantasy and she made me kneel before her and look at her boots whilst I awaited Goddess Cleo’s decision.

Goddess Cleo decided that I was to remain in my straight-jacket. I was bent over the whipping bench and Mistress Aleera spanked me, then paddled me and then flogged me. Goddess Cleo joined in so that I was being spanked by two mistresses at the same time. Although it hurt, it was also delicious to be punished by such a beautiful Mistress whilst being watched by two more. Goddess Cleo let me look at her boots and on one occasion, Miss Hayley Bond made me sniff her foot. Bliss.

Once the punishment had finished, I was locked in a cage to reflect on my sins. I was then paroled on condition I wrote this testimonial. I will return at the first opportunity. It was a wonderful experience.

Prisoner Number 070313″ The Facility, London – February 2017


“Having first come across Miss Hayley at a Facility event I’d been instantly captivated (literally, in that prison roleplay!) by the gorgeous and charming Miss Hayley, so having not managed to make other Domina Party events where she was present, I took the opportunity to spend 1.5 h with her and the also very lovely Mistress Sandra when they held a Double Domme day. Miss Hayley was equally wonderful on second meeting – tall and athletic, she’s one of the most stunning Dommes I’ve met, but it’s her personality and sense of fun that really make her stand out. She spends a lot of time giggling as she beats you, and genuinely seems to enjoy what she does, but also takes great care to find out your likes and limits and check that you’re ok as the session proceeds. She wields a cane or whip very effectively, but also makes sure you get some gentler touches along with the ‘punishment’. Still I think gaining experience and trying new toys, implements and activities (hence the parties and DD sessions), she has all the ingredients to become a really top-class Domina.”

David – February 2017

“A couple of months after tunnelling my way out of The Facility (Prisoner 011209), I found myself back in the clutches of 3 mighty dominas: Goddess Cleo, Ms Hayley Bond and Mistress Aleera. Myself and some other subbies had been summoned for some beautiful destruction.

Yours truly was in girly(ish) mode, whereas the others were more minimally attired. What followed was three hours or so of activity, encompassing bondage, foot & boot worship (yummy), CBT, nipple torture (ouch!), a bit of face-slapping (more please!) some hog-tieing, imaginative usage of balloons and tickling.

As ever, the event was immaculately and professionally organised, with introductory discussions and acknowledgment of hard limits.

A good fun time was had by all, and I think we’re all eager for our next visit. Expect the unexpected!

Julie – January 2017

“I have just attended my first Multi-Mistress Party and cannot recommend it highly enough. Kneeling before Goddess Cleo, Mistress Aleera and Miss Hayley Bond I was excited by the prospect of submitting to these beautiful dommes and immediately put at ease. They listened to our individual likes and dislikes and careful attention was given to these throughout the party.

My own experience surpassed my hopes. With extended CBT that had me on edge throughout with attention from all three wonderful Mistresses. After being released from my straight-jacket I was hooded by Mistress Aleera who then tied my cock and balls, edged me with vibrating pegs and finished with some wonderful cock slapping. Goddess Cleo, with her mischievous smile, edged me further whilst also pegging my cock and balls. I then put in the vibrating butt plug I had taken and Miss Hayley Bond continued my blissful torment. With her tickling and facesitting I was frustrated further. A vibrating shell was then fitted to my cock and I was in heaven with the torment and on edge for what felt an eternity.

After then cooling down and thanking these three Superior Women for the wonderful experience I left happily with my blue balls.

The later release as I relived the experience from memory was my personal reward.

I hope to attend another party soon and explore further delights of BDSM.”

Paul, Beautifully Destroyed – January 2017

“Whoever dreamt up The Facility deserves an Oscar for their creativity and imagination. I plucked up the courage for a 5 hour half day incarceration. I entered the premises with a mix of anticipation and nerves. Miss Hayley Bond was waiting and after confirming my identity I was taken to a room with strange floor lighting. Goddess Cleo and Lady Borgia were there with a naked hogtied hooded slave beside them struggling against his bonds on the floor. I was given a prisoner number, told to remove my clothes and then surrounded by the three goddesses. Lady Borgia began writing my prisoner number on my chest and I noticed Miss Hayley Bond holding some heavy-duty handcuffs. A smiling Goddess Cleo described what was going to happen, trying to put me at ease about my impending incarceration. They decided to put me into a straight jacket and a black hood was placed over my head. I was then taken through what seemed a maze of corridors and locked in a cell.

Later on I heard other prisoners who had arrived and been stripped locked up in nearby cells. A warden would occasionally flick back the curtain covering the cell door to check on me but otherwise little happened for some time. Miss Hayley Bond and Lady Borgia then entered the cell and told me it was feeding time.  When they removed my hood I realised what they meant as both were wearing a strap-on. During the next few minutes I endured their strap-ons forced down my throat, being spanked, humiliated and thrown around the cell all the while being helpless in the straight jacket. I heard groans from other prisoners getting the same treatment. After that I was nervous every time a warden approached the cell and heard the rattle of a key in the door for good reason. In another cell Lady Borgia burst in to abuse and tease me. Being molested by such a stunning goddess resulted in a reaction down below but with the straight jacket on there was no chance of any self relief adding to the frustration.      

The wardens finally removed the straight jacket and moved me to another room where I was made to craw into a cage. It had a transparent top where the wardens would leave and pick up their keys and other implements. Occasionally I would be hooded when a prisoner was escorted through the room to receive various punishments nearby. Later on it was my turn to be taken out of the cage and abused by Lady Borgia and Miss Hayley Bond. I thought I would then be released but instead made to crawl back to the cage with the wardens’ whips cracking on my backside ensuring a rapid progress. Finally Goddess Cleo collected me so I could be punished by all three wardens. By now I was broken and ended up a naked heap under their feet, totally spent and then released on parole.

PRISONER # 011207 – December 2016

The Facility – 1 st December 2016

I reported to The Facility for incarceration at 1pm. The waiting warders Ms Hayley Bond and Lady Sara Borgia assigned me my prisoner number 011209 which I was required to memorise, although it was also written on my chest.

My outer clothing having been confiscated, I spent the rest of my sentence in female attire – a flimsy silver dress, white bra, knickers & suspender belt, brown seamed stockings & black shoes, plus a little bit of make-up – although some way short of full “tranny mode”.

Hands handcuffed behind my back, I was then shoved into Cell #1 and left locked in there for a period of time. Not sure how long. Could hear the sounds other prisoners being dealt with somewhere else in the prison (groans of anguish, and thwacking noises) &; the warders coming and going, with me wondering if and when they would come for me, or maybe I’d just be left there in isolation.

After a while the warders indeed appeared and marched into my cell, proceeding to torture me with a variety of fiendish devices and subject me to prolonged cock-sucking, with intermittent face-slapping and blasts of spit in my face. I was wearing a chastity device, indeed had been for some days. Lady Sara took the keys away – but subsequently unlocked part of the device, which initially was surprising, but then I realised it was to afford greater ease of access for a range of CBT.

The two warders then left me alone, still handcuffed, for a further unquantifiable period of time. In due course Goddess Cleo appeared at the cell door, removed the handcuffs and transferred me to Cell #2 – the handcuffs were reattached to one hand, the other being secured to the cell bars. I was then left again to await my fate and listen to sounds echoing around me.

Later on the two warders reappeared, moved me along to Cell #3 and subjected me to more torture and torment, bent over the furniture in the cell. When the punishment finished I was ordered to remain in the same position until they returned.

Time passed again. The warders returned and moved me into a larger room where Goddess Cleo was also present. I was put into a straitjacket, hooded, then pushed down onto a seat in an isolation chamber and instructed to open my legs wide. It was time for more CBT, courtesy of a variety of devices and the sole of Ms Hayley’s boots, and finally left there alone with numerous attachments to keep me and my genitalia company. The straitjacket wasn’t too tight-fitting and I might have been able to free myself in the fullness of time, but whilst considering this course of action the warders returned to remove the attachments. As one usually finds in these situations the coming off is more of an ordeal than the putting on.

Led back outside there followed more use & abuse, then it was determined that my sentence was to be extended by a further hour. I was plonked back in Cell #3 for a further period to contemplate what might come later. What came was a final prolonged phase of humiliation, CP, NT and CBT. Some photographic evidence can be found on my page of Fetlife.com

Six hours or more had passed and I was freed on parole, battered & bruised, with a prospect of a further incarceration looming in the near future.

The Facility is a huge, labyrinthine premises. It’s very close to the station and easy to find. I wondered whether any of the people and shops on the busy street above knew of the subterranean activities which were taking place.

Prisoner 011209 Julie_sub – December 2016

“I decided in one of those life’s too short moments to try The Facility as my first domina party. I hadn’t quite anticipated such a mind-bender of an experience once The Facility gets a hold of you.

Booking is friendly and you are emailed the venue and arrival time the evening before. This included a short questionnaire about your likes and dislikes and preferred method of incarceration. I decided to the tick the “go with the flow on the day” box which proved a big mistake.

I entered the premises and at the bottom of the stairs Goddess Anastaxia and Miss Hayley Bond were waiting. Within seconds I was made to face the wall and given a prisoner number. Goddess Anastaxia ordered me to strip and that my clothes would be confiscated. My arms were placed into a straightjacket which they rapidly buckled up and a black hood forced over my head. Miss Hayley Bond then dragged me down a corridor to the cells and locked me in. Only minutes earlier I had been walking along a street in London and now I was locked up, stripped and restrained in a straightjacket. I could just make out the cell light through the hood that added to the disorientation and shock of what had happened. It was only after the event I discovered Goddess Anastaxia had sent out a tweet showing her and Miss Hayley Bond waiting for my arrival to ” beat down prisoner 031108″. Unknown to me my fate had been sealed before I had arrived. The tweet photo is a reminder of my last view of them before I was hooded.

After a while a now smiling Miss Hayley Bond entered the cell and removed my hood to give me a drink of water. From my small sofa I could now view the cell which had three solid walls and bars at the entrance covered by a curtain blocking any outside view. You could hear the occasional chatter of wardens and the movement and hooding of other prisoners but most of the time there was just subdued silence. I heard one prisoner receive a punishment beating for some misdeed. The warden did not spare him.

After some hours the wardens gathered outside and informed me of my transfer to another cell. After being hooded Goddess Anastaxia guided me through what seemed a labyrinth of rooms and corridors, at one stage placing her hand over my eyes to make sure I could not see some of the horrors I sensed we were passing through. In my new cell Miss Hayley Bond soon appeared and removed my hood. She was a wearing a strap-on and ordered that I kneel down and suck it to test me out as her prison bitch. She shrieked with laughter throughout my humiliation and marked me out of ten for my effort. I heard other prisoners getting the same treatment and marking. It felt you were being judged on strictly come dancing, or more accurately strictly suck strap-on!

In my new cell I heard close by the sound of spanking, whipping, intermingled with cries of pain from prisoners and laughter from the wardens. It became obvious this was the punishment holding area. Ever so often the wardens came for another prisoner and soon after the whipping, screaming and laughter would start all over again.  Everything then went quiet until Miss Hayley Bond appeared and ordered me out of the cell for some exercise.  In another room she released my straightjacket, gave me a brief spanking and tickle. She told me to wait against the wall and left the room. I looked behind and on a table were an assortment of unmentionable toys so I knew what was coming. All three wardens then entered the room and it was the first time Goddess Cleo spoke to me in her friendly Aussie, but I’m still going to beat the crap out of you style. They gave me a good seeing to, although probably tame by their standards and I was released on parole. Even then a shock greeted me in the room I was dressing which could have come from the film Caligula. After brief pleasantries I was off back to freedom.

Prisoner  0311008  – November 2016

“I attended the InteRim Strap-On Party on 10 November. The InteRim parties are a smaller version of the Strap-On Parties, so they are particularly good for newbies like me.

There were 5 Dominas present: Goddess Cleo; Goddess Anastaxia; Miss Hayley Bond; Mistress Sandra, and; Princess Jessika. It’s difficult to find words to describe these incredible Dominant Goddesses: they are all stunningly beautiful, genuinely Dominant, and genuinely great fun; I was particularly struck by the way in which all of the Dominas were able to switch from being extremely Dominant to checking that you were OK and that you were  enjoying yourself. It made for a great experience: a combination of a great party attended by amazing Dominant women, and very friendly, like-minded sub guys, with the best play I have ever had thrown in. I felt totally Dominated, but also totally safe and relaxed. The Goddesses clearly enjoyed playing with us all, but it was also clear that they genuinely cared about our welfare, too.

I’m a sissy, so I wanted to dress up for the party. I contacted Goddess Cleo in advance, and she could not have been more helpful and accommodating. Goddess Cleo ensured that I had plenty of time to get ready, so that I didn’t miss any of the action.

The other subs at the party were all like-minded, fun guys. Some people might be nervous about going to an event where other subs are in attendance, but there’s really no need to be. Everyone was there to have fun, and everyone shared the common ground of being a submissive and a strap-on enthusiast. I was perfectly at ease with all of the other subs, because Goddess Cleo set the tone for a friendly, inclusive party and all of the guys were very easy to get along with; you form a bit of a bond with people once they’ve watched you getting fucked! We were a mixed bunch: first timers and experienced party-goers; people who had loads of experience of strap-on play, and those with none at all; all the guys there were cool. If further proof were needed, not one of them seemed remotely phased by the fact that I was dressed as a girl. It was a great atmosphere: fun, inclusive, and welcoming.

Goddess Cleo introduced everyone, and then the fun began. I was fortunate enough to be fucked by four of the five Dominant Goddesses. It’s worth reflecting on that for a moment: for a tribute of only £160 I was fucked by four stunning Dominant Goddesses for well over two hours. To do that on a one-to-one session basis, you would probably have to remortgage your house. Domina Parties are a fabulous way of experiencing the very best of multi-Domme play in an affordable way.

During the party I had no less that five – yes, five – assgasms. I’d never had one before, and I had no idea that my body was capable of making me feel that way. The Dominas were all extraordinarily talented, and used their strap-ons to make me feel amazing sensations I have never even dreamt of before. If you’ve never had an assgasm, then you need to experience one: I can’t describe the feeling, but I am addicted.

Safe, sane and consensual were the rules, and nobody did anything unless they wanted to. Some guys wanted to do forced bi, and some didn’t; and that was absolutely fine. You don’t have to worry about hygiene, either: everything, particularly the dildos, was kept scrupulously clean by the very lovely Puppy. It could not have been safer.

Domina Parties are fun, friendly events that enable you to submit to a number of incredible Dominas without breaking the bank. If you are reading this, then you should go to one. If you are hesitating for some reason, then you really shouldn’t: you’ll be in great hands, you’ll have an amazing time, and it’s bloody good fun. You’ll probably have some irrational doubts beforehand – I certainly did – but as soon as the party starts all of those doubts disappear.

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing”.

Natasha x – October 2016

“This was my first time attending a Domina party or really any formal “Femdom” activity, but I can safely say that I had a great time, was treated very well (“beautifully (as opposed to harshly”) destroyed”) and will be back soon to continue to explore my boundaries. I am sexually submissive and love to please and have experimented with NT, CBT, Strapon play mainly in the bedroom.

Having summoned the courage to want to attend (I regularly attend swinger parties so am comfortable in a group setting), I sent an email to request attendance and quickly got a reply with payment instructions. This was straightforward and once received, I received a clear email with instructions of where to go and contact details.

Arriving on time, I was greeted by Charlie who was assisting with the party organisation. The 5 guests changed in a corridor with our clothes and belongings safe (note, if you want a shower after playtime, it seems best to bring your own towel). 2 of the guests had been to Domina parties before / served Mistresses in the past, and myself and the other two guests seemed to be quite new to the scene. Another tip that the previous guests knew about, was the courtesy of bringing gifts to the party!

At the appointed time, Goddess Cleo opened the door to the main room and invited her playthings into the room and to sit naked on the floor before the Mistresses. Goddess Cleo then introduced the beautiful Mistresses before us, and we were lucky to be treated to Goddess Anastaxia, Miss Hayley Bond and Mistress Sandra. They were all stunning and had wicked glints in their eyes as they sized up their prey. Goddess Cleo explained the format of the Beautifully Destroyed parties (safe, consensual and free-format playtime for the Mistresses, taking account of each of the playthings limits). We were then invited to introduce ourselves, our experience, likes and limits (eg no marks, no hardsports, no castration   :O, etc). I found it interesting that each of the guests had quite different preferences, and the Mistresses really focused on that for each of their sessions with the slaves! As they say, “variety is the spice of life” and I guess I was at the softer end of the sub space whilst a much more experienced guest enjoyed CP and some whip created artwork on his back and butt! It was also impressive that no one was ever left out during the 3hrs of the party as a slave would tend to be put in bondage or have his bottom spanked whilst waiting to serve a Mistress.

For me, I was introduced to paddling by Goddess Cleo which I enjoyed and took the sting well; next up, I was introduced to foot worship with Miss Hayley who then discovered my weakness to NT and took great please in watching my facial expressions as she twisted, clamped and vacuum pumped my pronounced and aroused nipples! She was great to chat with as well whilst I was in the positions she wanted me in. Next up, I got to serve Mistress Sandra who introduced me to OTK spanking and then face sitting, which initially I disappointed her with but improved to a minute by the end. 

Finally I got to serve the gorgeous Goddess Anastaxia and she led me to the swing where she would have her wicked way with me. Whilst I’ve had a few strapon sessions, they were with a tame purple vibrating strapon from Anne Summers, and definitely not of the size or girth of Goddess’s favourite chocolate strapon! However, she took pity on my tight ass and we went for the smallest one! She lubed me up and we chatted so I could relax and she used a vibrating toy first to open me up before giving me a good seeing to with Her smallest strapon, but I was pleased that I could take the whole thing and I definitely aspire to being stretched to take bigger and experience the seemingly amazing ass-gasms that Goddess Cleo dishes out to lucky slaves! It was a great way to end the party. It is also interactive porn watching how the other guests are used by the Mistresses and that gives ideas around what would be fun to try next time! Many thanks to Goddess Cleo and her friends (including Charlie who kept us watered and everything clean and tidy) for such an enjoyable experience and I look forward to my limits being pushed further next time.”

OzPyramid – October 2016

” I have met Miss Hayley twice and both times she left such a lasting impression that I just want to go back and serve her. Apart from being incredibly beautiful and sexy, what I love most about her is that playful, innocent and mischievous smile… that completely captivates you and brings you under her spell without you even realizing it. When she smiles… all you want to do is submit and think of doing whatever she wants… I know I would 🙂 I have had the honour being her foot stool, trample mat and as she calls it her ‘gym vibrating machine’! I could lay under feet all my life!

She is a refreshing change from the typical ‘pro domme’ experience. Her charm captivates you and leave wanting to serve her more. I’m your slave for life!”
gym vibrating machine – October 2016

Having watched and been very impressed with Goddess Cleo using the strap on last time, I decided to give it a whirl. Well pegging is believing, she popped my cherry and converted me to the dark side. The other two mistresses at the event Goddess Anastaxia and Ms Hayley Bond were also quite marvelous. I had a memorable time,

Peter – September 2016

“I was lucky enough to meet Miss Hayley for the first time at Ms Tytania’s studio open day. As soon as I walked through the door I was mesmerised by Miss Hayley’s beauty, I instantly knew I would be surrendering all my dignity in an effort to please her. Miss Hayley radiates effortless superiority and is clearly very used to having this effect on men. My weakness was quickly put to use and I found myself collared on my knees worshipping her intoxicatingly perfect feet whilst unable to keep my eyes off her beautiful long legs. I was then made to perform a humiliating strip tease, trampled, and beaten. I was truly transformed into nothing but her degraded plaything and it all felt so natural that I knew I was unable to refuse anything she wanted. My time in her presence was absolutely incredible and flew by. She made so many of my submissive fantasies a reality and I simply cannot wait until I can serve her again.”


bitch slave – September 2016


“I attended the event on 28th September 2016  and it was a great event. It was well run, with intelligence and sensitivity where needed, and beautiful assertiveness and direct exploration,  and everything the webpage ad for it said and more.It was good to attend and a day after I am still realising I got a lot from it. Thanks for a great time.Good for the person newish to all this or for someone looking to add to further dimensions of their experience and develop as a submissive in relation to the female lead, dominant woman, and Goddess experiences.Yes!!!

from Andy asouth” (Beautifully Destroyed Double Birthday event)


asouth – September 2016


“I have just served a spellbinding and humbling sentence at the Facility. Having served at several detention parties in the past I thought I knew what I was in for, but the wardens at the Facility turned out to be more teasing, strict and demanding than even I was expecting.

I arrived a little late so Goddess Cleo wasted no time in taking control of her prisoner, informing me that I was henceforth to be known only as Prisoner 6904, and demanding I hand over the key to my chastity cage. Pushing me into a cell she took great delight in passing the key to her beautiful accomplice, Miss Haley Bond, who took equal pleasure in hanging them around her neck. Miss Haley is absolutely beautiful, but clearly she was not in the mood to allow me any privileges as she hooded me, cuffed my hands behind me, and locked the cell door with an evil laugh. And so the punishment started, and continued for five hours with a steadily increasing intensity. At one point when I asked for the cuffs to be loosened, Miss Haley gladly obliged, only to clip the cuff to the cell door so I could not get comfortable again. Then the cuffs were removed and I was placed in a straight jacket, then I was hooded and moved to a small cage to continue my sentence. The cage was within earshot of other prisoners receiving their punishment, but the covers in the room made it impossible to see what was happening. Eventually, I was informed that my release was dependent on good behaviour, regardless of the level of punishment, and that I would be tested in this regard. What followed was a brilliantly humiliating period of teasing, tickling and torture. I won’t go into too much detail, but it was just the right level for me, and I soon found myself begging to be ticked less and punished more, and my tormentors were happy to oblige. Finally, lace knickers trailing round ankles and still trapped in the straight jacket, I was led back to the cell to tidy myself up and await parole.

I’m very happy to report that my release was granted after five hours. No conditions were placed on my freedom, but I think it is inevitable that I will find myself back in the Facilityvery soon.

Prisoner 6904″ – September 2016


“I visited the Facility for the first time. I can only say it was a total ‘mind fuck’. Five hours flew by in a cell a cage and several hours in a straight jacket. The highlights were 36 strokes of the cane from Goddess Cleo and sucking Ms Bond‘s zebra dildo. I always felt  sae and cared for. The place was easy to find and very accessible. A wonderful way to escape the stress of modern life and get away from it in quiet contemplation. Thoroughly recommended.”

Prisoner M – September 2016



“Just wanted to say how wonderful The Facility prison-play party was and thanks to Goddess Cleo, Miss Haley Bond and Goddess Ariel for organsing it.

I was lucky enough to spend nearly the entire time in a canvas straitjacket that made it impossible to move my hands or arms but was comfortable enough to wear without discomfort – once we had found the right size straitjacket!

The ladies made sure to never let me forget my predicament, teasing through the cell bars or dragging me around hooded and helpless. The underground cells are very nice and perfect for this sort of play, in a discreet location with good directions.

All in all, a very enjoyable day.”

Prisoner 6906″ – September 2016



“After spending 5 hours as a willing prisoner of three wonderful dominant ladies at theFacility event, I want to thank all concerned for their hard work and attention to detail. For anyone thinking of attending in future, I won’t provide a step-by-step account, as I think it’s more exciting not to know exactly what happens on arrival. But I will say that the organisation for the event was excellent, with initial queries answered promptly, and very clear directions and instructions for a discreet and easy to reach venue. Once there, prisoners were under the control of three very attractive ladies: Goddess Cleo, Miss Haley Bond and Goddess Ariel. Goddess Cleo was very clearly in charge, and can be effortlessly intimidating when she chooses to be, but my main Warder was the stunningMiss Haley. You were of course their prisoner from the start, and fully under their control. While it took a bit of getting used to the fact that you could hear other prisoners being moved around and dealt with, sometimes very close in the next-door cell, the activities were carefully planned so that you never actually saw your fellow prisoners, being kept separate and moved around hooded or blindfolded. The ladies took time to ask your likes and limits, and so having said that I was fond of CP, I ended up getting a sound and very enjoyable caning from Miss Haley, alternating some biting strokes with the wonderful touch of her hand. She also seemed very much to be enjoying her work throughout the afternoon: it’s always a bonus if the lady dominating and beating you seems to be having fun too! There were also long periods of contemplation in your cell inbetween being moved or played with, so that it was easy to completely lose track of time and have no idea how much of your ‘sentence’ was left. For anyone interested in this kind of a prison fantasy, I’d recommend booking a long enough sentence so that you can truly get into the feeling of being held at the pleasure of your Warders. A lot of trouble has clearly been taken to set up the Facility, with new cages and straitjackets among the equipment available, so if being held under the control of a set of dominant women is your thing, get in touch with Domina Parties and  you won’t be disappointed.”


Prisoner D6903″ – September 2016




“I would just like to send a big thankyou to all the dominas who attended the interim strap on party on 31/8/16. 1 in particular- who can teach you a lot! The ladies really are talented, but most of all, they were very welcoming, fun and helpful. so, if you’re nervous ( like I was, ) they really will put you at ease ( but you will still get it!)Thanx very much again, a great time was had by everyone I think, especially 1! (No names mentioned) if you like beautiful, Strong women, this is the place, I for 1 would definitely re-attend ,good value +camaraderie too. Rgds Bugsy”


Bugsy – August 2016


“As my first time attending a fetish party as well as my first time to take a strap-on, needless to say I was very nervous beforehand. However I was not alone as there were a range of experience levels among the subs in attendance including others, like myself, totally new to strap-on play.

We were instructed to strip down before being invited to join the Ladies who were seated in the next room. Goddess Cleo welcomed us all, putting us at ease as she explained how the afternoons fun would unfold. She then introduced the Mistresses and the slaves and then the playtime got underway.
The Ladies were mindful of the ability of each sub while also encouraging us to challenge ourselves as subs. I wont go into the detail on play to avoid spoiling fun for the newbies just to say that in my own case I ended up balls deep on one of Goddess Cleo‘s favourite strap-ons which was far bigger than anything I had ever believed could fit in my ass!
There were 10 subs and 5 Ladies at the event which was just right as it allowed you recover before being used by the next Lady. Particular credit must go to the Ladies for keeping on swinging those strap-ons on such a warm afternoon! They were also aided along the way by the excellent Charlie and Poppy who kept the play area immaculately clean and ensured everyone remained well hydrated.

To those of you unsure of whether to attend a party I can only say this – I had never contemplated attending a party before this – but thought to myself you only live once so decided to give it a go – and I am so delighted I did. The atmosphere was fun and friendly, while it is also a great opportunity to enjoy the company of some stunning ladies who really seemed to enjoy themselves too.

A big thank you to Goddess Cleo, Miss Penelope Dreadful, Mistress Kayliss Mercury, Lady Sara Borgia & Miss Haley Bond for a wonderful afternoon.
Can’t wait to attend my next party

Sub e”


Sub e – August 2016

“These legendary soirées aren’t new to me but I have been away from the BDSM scene for a bit and attending a strap-on party reminded me of what I’ve missed. And you’re unlikely to regret making the same choice if submitting to awesomely dominant ladies is your lot in life. You won’t find a greater level of passion and professionalism which Goddess Cleo invests in her the preparation of Domina Parties and her understanding of your level of experience. The participating dommes; Goddess Cleo, Lady Borgia, Miss Haley Ms Kayliss and Miss Penelope are formidable but you are in safe hands if you are just taking the plunge. But be warned it will take little time for weak submissives to become helpless in their hands and likely to be reporting back very soon.


Ian – August 2015


“I hadn’t been able to attend the last couple of Domina Parties famous strapon events, so I was delighted to be in London at just the right time for the biggest one I’ve been to yet!  There were an assortment of other good natured, kinky and slutty guys at the party – and although the men may have had the numerical superiority, the ten amazing dominant ladies had all the phallic firepower in the room.

After a quick round of introductions and some important health, hygene and safety instructions we were ready to go.  And from the first thrust to the last, I hardly saw the Dommes stop fucking, fingering, fisting or conducting any other debauchery they put their minds to.  Their helpers were incredibly efficient at keeping everything tidy and perfectly clean, allowing the ladies to concentrate on the main task at hand.  In fact, it was only the guys who needed to take time out now and again to get their breathe back, before rejoining the fray and offering up their posteriors to be plundered yet again.

It turned out that a few of us had booked ourselves in for both the afternoon and evening parties, and over the course of the two events I was lucky enough to be taken by all but one of the ladies present. It was a delightfully kinky way to spend a day out in London, and one that I’ll remember for a long time.

Mausu xx”


Mausu – August 2016


“Hello to all the lovely Mistresses

This was my 1st foot party and very first time meeting any mistresses, happy to say this party exceeded my expectations!

Four great mistresses & feet
Good ratio / length of party
Good fixed price
BIG BIG thanks to all the splendid mistresses for making this an unforgettable evening!
Eddie xxxx”
Eddie – August 2016

Foot fetish parties are pretty rare so I was excited to discover that Goddess Cleo was hosting an event, with four stunning Mistresses focused entirely on activities below the ankle. The location was easy to find, clean and spacious. My fellow foot worshipers were a very pleasant group of regular guys, who just happen to love female feet.

I had intended to only stay for an hour or two, however I was having so much fun that the three hours just flew past. As well as spending ample time worshipping the Goddesses feet, I was fortunate enough to have two fantastic extended trample sessions with Ms HaleyBond and Mistress Kalyss Mercury.

I thought in my many years of trampling I had tried everything, however both Mistresses brought their own individual styles and sent me into my happy place beneath their feet and heels. Ms Haley particularly loved pumping the air out of my lungs as she jumped up and down on my chest. Mistress Kalyss used me as her yoga mat as  she practised her poses, demonstrating her incredible strength and balance as she stood on top of me. I could only look up and admire the fantastic view.

I really hope Goddess Cleo makes these foot parties a regular event and I will be first in line for the next one.

Thanks again”

– Gus,  August 2016



“Miss Hayley and Goddess Cleo – quite simply perfection. Two beautiful, intelligent and charming Dominants. But don’t let the beauty fool you, for these two will chew you up and spit you out, literally. From the moment I met them I was under their hypnotic spell and without over exaggerating there is nothing I wouldn’t have agreed to do for them. I was their bitch. I cannot recommend highly enough and as the time came to leave all I was thinking was ‘when can I come back?’. Thank you ladies.”

– bitch, August 2016